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We Install a VPN on your server
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This free service is available for limited time. In this service we’ll install and set up a premium VPN for you at no cost.

Plus, we’ll show you how to manage your VPN server and help with  minor issues for 7 days.

You will get

Experience of over 5 years. We promise the best quality. 

Free installation from us.  Zero dollars, and zero cents.

Generous 7 days support and guidance.

Wide range of VPN choices for your server. 

OpenVPN, WireGuard, v2ray, trojangfw, OpenConnect and Shadowsocks.

All of That For Free? What’s The Catch?

Installing  a VPN may be frustrating, you may face complex errors and issues over and over again. So we thought that, it would be a good idea to help those who find it difficult, or do not have time for VPN setup. 

Are our services really free?


And, of course our services should be compensated, but not by you. Some hosting companies offer affiliate programs, and using those affiliate programs we compensate our services.

In other words, the only requirement to use our services for FREE is to sign up to our partner hosting providers.

We know that bad hosting providers can be uncomfortable experience, so we have selected only the best hosting providers we know.


Let's Get Started

Step 1: VPS signup

To qualify for this free VPN setup service you would need to sign up with one of the VPS providers using the links below.

Please DO NOT use any other links, external coupons or different hosting providers in order to qualify for this free VPN setup service.


Starting at $3.5/month

  • 17 server locations
  • Hourly billing

Starting at €3.99/month

  • 2 server locations in Germany
  • Monthly billing


Starting at $5/month

  • 7 server locations in US
  • Monthly billing

Starting at $6/month

  • 3 server locations in US
  • Monthly billing

Step 2: Submit the Form

Your root server credentials.
Your root server IP address.
Only needed if you want a domain name instead of an IP address on your VPN. Applies on some VPNs.
Only needed if you want a domain name instead of an IP address on your VPN. Applies on some VPNs.
Only if you need a domain name instead of an IP address. Applies only on some VPNs.
Only needed if you want CloudFlare CDN.
Once you purchased the server then you will receive an email from the provider right away on your email you've used while signing up. Please paste that email receipt here, because we need to know the date of your signup.


We cover the costs via affiliate comissions.

Yes, it is. We recommend to change your passwords, after the setup.

  1. A VPS server (for all VPNs)
  2. Domain name (for v2ray ws+tls+cdn, Shadowsocks with v2ray plugin, OpenConnect and trojangfw)
  3. Cloudflare account (free, needed if you want to use Cloudflare’s CDN on v2ray or trojangfw)
  1. Installation of one of the VPNs of your choice.
  2. Basic VPN management guide.
  3. Support for minor errors within 7 days.

Sure you can, however we will charge you $20 for the services. Please contact us or visit our shop.

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Deal of the Year!

We install for FREE on your server
- OpenVPN
- OpenConnect
- v2ray
- Shadowsocks
- WireGuard
- trojangfw

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